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Power Adapters for Industrial Applications

The advancement in technology and ever-changing trends had led the power adapters an integral part of our daily lives by connecting to smart devices like mobiles, laptops, and other home appliances. To stay safe and prevent from short-circuits, one must switch to adapters for even power distribution, enhances system performance, and versatile configuration functionalities. Adding up, the power adapters can quickly be replaced with new devices as you don’t have to invest huge bucks on internal repairs. We offer different types of adapters catering to your needs:

Weighing machines


PoE for Internet products

Setup box

Wellness & Health care

Security Related Products

Water Purifiers

Decorative Lighting

SA24 Series Plug (3W-10W)

SA25 Series Detachable Plug (3W-12W)

SA21 Series Plug (6W-15W)

SA13 Series Plug (10W-24W)

SA15 Series Desktop (24W-36W)

SA27 Series Desktop (36W-60W)

SA28 Series PoE Adaptor (10W-24W)


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